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[09 Sep 2005|07:50pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

As a turn of recent events I have come to a much more obvious conclusion that many guys are sleezy, selfish, disqusting pigs. Due to my past somehow always catching up to me in one form or another is a different story. Just lately though one guy I had a hting for a long ago has decided to speak to me again. I am stunned by this and angry at him to ever dare show his presence near me. To know he has deceived and betrayed his girlfriend so many times it shocks me to the point of near sickness.

He betrayed me and lied to me telling me he liked me only to deceive me and throw me away from his life like some useless toy. I crashed and burned but healed over time after discovering he had a girlfriend the entire time he messed around with not only me but most likely many other victims as well.

Now I've been inspired to write this rant, enjoy.

It's not too often I write about the negative aspects of relationships (I'm in one currently so you can see why I hope O_o), dating, "seeing people", or however you wish to call it but I feel it's a good time to let it now shine. It's not uncommon now to hear about someone being decieved or betrayed by another in this modern world. It happens every moment and everyday. Someone right now could be crying about hurt emotions, someone at this second could be feeling the most horrible pain ever known to human existence.

This isn't a rant about emo's (or anything equivliant *cough gawths cough*) but through life experinces both now and in the past I feel it's time now to state my opinion regarding honour and chivalry in our modern society.

To this day both Women and Men's honour is somewhat depleted from mainstream existence. When do you NOT see the media portraying indescency? Sex does sell and it's the biggest truth we know. But it's worst as humans when our bodies become nothing more then a vessel of abuse that often goes unnotice because we don't care anymore. I'm not labeling Men as culprits because females are just as bad and sometimes even worst. But little honour and maturity regarding comittment is very scarce these days. I see it most often in school and within the ages of 20's, 30's, 40's and even further on depending on the situation.

Men and women all have the potential to be nothing more but mindless fucking machines and the reality that it's a common fact in this age just bothers me so much to the point of anger, it almost frightens me how low someone can become. Just a few days ago during hurricane Katrina men were raping random women in shelters. In a fucking natarual disaster, the worst and most devistating occurance of demolishment the United States has even known, and people have the nerve to fucking rape people?! After such traumatizing events, this information bothers me so much.

This is what is wrong with society greed, envy, and lack of compassion for fellow men. We as humans don't look for happiness because were always thinking about ourselves (this is from a universal perspective and I'm not speaking for proper and productive citizens of society, normal and loving people in other words). It's the truth we are all a little selfish, it's in our nature to want our own happiness. But to rip someones happiness away? People everyday are always surprised to hear how careless and stupid someone is in whatever situation they come across regarding such incidents such as that witnessed.

But again we all desire that special someone, to be the centre of their universe because we feel were ever so insignificant to the rest of the world. We hold onto that person as security to know because we have them and are not without them. That's how some people feel and well others not so much.

People still are puzzled why there is infidelity, whores, threesomes, fuck buddies, anything that requires to shut off your emotions. I truly believe thats nearly impossible at this point. No one can really turn their emotions off, its what makes us humans. Many however still will tell themselves in their own lustful selfish desires that "it doesn't mean anything", "I wont get hurt because I don't love the person". The fact is though whether your a drug addict, an alchoholic, or addicted to something that makes lifes troubles disappear. You do become hurt and sometimes scarred.

How is though exactly why we as humanity behave and exist the way we do? Why is it that we can sleep with anyone and not feel anything after the deed is completed? Have we become to oblivious to our instincts to forget what we have become? It's questions such as these that have so many answers and theories it would take me pages to write them.

The point is with this rant I am trying to get across is for anyone that doesn't believe in love, or emotions, or anything to have meaning really and truly needs to WAKE UP. Life isn't about sex, how many girls/boys you can date, or how cute your boyfriend is, or how HOT and bodacious your naive girlfriend is, or how "great" your sex life is. It seems our race is becoming more and more selfish and less honourable and most of all less respectful (both with others and ourselves, especially with the opposite sex) by the coming decades and were so unaware that life has become nothing more but a game that nobody wins.

The fact is we as people are to blame. We are to blame our stereotypical images that were supposebly suppose to follow. We are the cause of broken hearts in adolsecence all because Health class didn't teach us those music videos were completely illusional to the reality of what sexuality and love is. We are the blame of every pregnant teen that hasn't grown up yet to realize her body is worth the wait and for the right person, and that her future and herself DOES matter.

Whether you agree or disagree is your choice of the matter. But the truth is the subliminal messages of our pop-culture and society as a whole has turned us into drones, to struggle and make mistakes, to assume too much of everyone, and trust too easily, and to make both good bad decisions.To only at the brink of discovering who we are we fall flat on our face and will not be certain if will stand on our two feet again. Because only when it's the darkness at night we see the stars.

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PitBull Ban [29 Aug 2005|04:10pm]

[ mood | pissed ]

Ok here is my rant:
In Ontario there is now as of today a ban on all Pitbulls and crossbreds of pitbulls, because they are quote "dangerous." Pitbull owners now have 60 days to get their dogs spayed or neutered, and must muzzle and leash them in public. Which I believe is a good idea,(except the muzzle unless you know you puppys prone to nipping) for the fact you should always get your pets spayed or neutered unless you are an official breeder. Now what I cant believe is this and I'll quote the site (I'll post the link at the end of my rant)"People will not be able to own, breed, import, transfer or purchase pit bulls, although they can still adopt them for a limited time. Those violating the rules can end up with their pets seized and euthanized, while they could face finds of up to $10,000 or even jail time." Unbelievable! Whats worse is this "...puppies born after Nov. 27 must be shipped out of the province, given to a research facility or destroyed." Disgusting, disturbing and inhumane. Those puppys did nothing to anyone and yet because they are pit bulls will be put to death. What really makes me ill is that in research facilities they will burn them alive, subject them to sickness, and open them up, just for the sake of hopeing to get one more pill on the market. It is scientifically proven that Pit bulls are no more dangerous then any other dog! Its the owner not the dog and I strongly believe in that. link http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1125315169569_7?hub=TopStories


Officially Opened, ready for applications! [28 Aug 2005|08:25pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Well the community is officially opened and ready for members to apply. Anyway please go to the user info page to read the rules and to find the apllication form. If you are a newbie and don't have the insperation for ranting about a particular subject at the moment if regarding to personal life, try to find something else. This something thats on your mind and is pissing you off to no end (could be world events, politics). Vent as much of your frustration here because that's why it's here.

Hope to see many new members soon. We look forward to new applications. We might even let you become a moderator too if you prove your smart and capable enough for the responsiblity.


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